Twitter War – Wasim Jaffer Vs Michael Vaughan

There is no war in the world better than a War of Words. 

We have seen the greatest rivalries like India vs Pakistan, Messi vs Ronaldo, Adidas vs Nike etc. 

But there is a rivalry on Twitter between Wasim Jaffer (Ex-Indian Opening Batter) and Michael Vaughan (Ex-England Skipper) that has become one of the most epic rivalries of recent times.

The rivalry between the two has not only entertained the global cricket fans but also managed to create a buzz of social media rivalry for others to entertain, laugh, and creation of memes. 

This rivalry is all about humour, witty responses, troll and fun banter with facts and figures. 

These two often indulge in a Twitter fight with each other regularly. This Twitter rivalry started when Vaughan tweeted about India’s poor and disappointing display during the first T20 between India and England in March 2021. 

Here are the conversations for the references: 

After that, the two former cricketers engage in a war of words on several occasions about the batting performances, previous facts and figures, team performances etc.

We know social media is such power that connects people to people and keeps them engaged with the promotional content, news, memes etc. 

People struggle to cope with daily life situations and sometimes get frustrated. So in such cases, social media plays a vital role in stress release, ease in dealing with frustrations and managing professional or personal problems. In short, they feel engaged with social media. 

This rivalry on Twitter is one of the best examples for the justification of the above social media-related scenario. 

Now, let’s look at some of the funniest banter incidents that took Twitter by storm and trending: 

Incident 1 

Recently, Jaffer showed Vaughan the Taste of his Own Medicine.

When England was all out for 68 in the Ashes series, Jaffer posted a video on Twitter, where he dug out an old tweet of Vaughan which talked about poor performance by India in the ODI series during the New Zealand tour in 2019. The tweet by Vaughan said that India was all out on 92, so he could not believe that a team would lose before scoring 100.

Jaffer posted a video of this tweet and captioned it, “England 68 all out, Michael Vaughan. Ashes.” 

That’s called a classic yorker 😂

Incident 2

The two once again engaged in a fun Twitter banter after India’s Test series defeat against South Africa. South Africa beat India by 2-1 and won the series. India dominantly won the first match but lost the last two. Also, with the series loss India’s Test series losing streak on South African soil continued. Referring to the history books, India has never won a Test series in South Africa. After India’s loss, Vaughan took Twitter to taunt Jaffer. 

He wrote on Twitter: 

Sarcastic Skipper 😂

Then, Jaffer came up with a savage response to Vaughan’s tweet, where he mentioned that India is still leading by 2-1 in a 5 test match series against England – 

Jaffer you beauty 😌

The First match was a draw, the 2nd and 4th won by India and the 3rd one by England. The 5th and last match of the series were postponed because of covid 19, now it is scheduled to be played on 1st July 2022. 

Incident 3

Michael Vaughan and Wasim Jaffer are known for their friendly banter. The two once again entertained the fans with their hilarious tweet. 

Initially, Vaughan posted a video on Twitter showing that he was drinking juice and displaying the match scorecard (India Maharajas and World Giants of the Legends League Cricket) on his phone. The scorecard showed that Jaffer was gone for a two-ball duck followed by Vaughan exclaiming, “Somethings don’t change Wasim!”

Good one from the Skipper 😆

We all know that Wasim Jaffer is famous for his witty replies and comebacks. Jaffer didn’t hold back and responded with a screenshot of a funny video that showed “Vaughan imparting 

batting lessons.” 

Woah Jaffer 🔥 . That was tough to take for the Skipper 😂

Incident 4

Recently, Vaughan tried to troll Wasim Jaffer on his birthday but failed miserably. 

Jaffer is known for his humour and witty replies on social media, again giving a befitting reply to Vaughan. 

Vaughan loves getting into banter with Jaffer. He thought this time he will win the war of words against his social media rival but Jaffer had other plans 

Jaffer’s reply was so perfect that many on Twitter applauded Jaffer for shutting down Vaughan with his spontaneous reply.

That’s a clean bowled 🥶

This series of incidents is hilarious and enjoyable for social media users.

Recently, Jaffer admitted that he enjoys the social media rivalry and said it is friendly banter between us as we have played against each other for quite a long time,” 

Jaffer said during an interaction with InsideSport.

Recently, Vaughan has also revealed the origin of this rivalry in an interview on Ashwin’s (Indian spinner) Youtube Channel.

He said, “Well, he was my first Test wicket, Wasim, so it goes back to 2002 where he snuck a ball up the slope at Lord’s and was out caught at first slip. So, he can’t have been that good with the bat if he got out to me.”

Then Ashwin questioned him on the dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar, Vaughan said, “Yeah, but you know Sachin was just being nice to me but Wasim actually wasn’t bowled. He got the outside edge. Oh, we have a bit of fun. I really enjoy it. I’m sure he would have something by now, but I haven’t seen Twitter today, so I’m waiting,”

And with that, there is a lot more fun banter is left for social media users and we hope to see more of this rivalry soon.

Stay tuned guys 😬

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