How IPL is scoring on Social Media?

Festival of cricket TATA IPL 2022 is here, yet another season of enthusiasm and fun-filled event featuring the best players around the world, all over people’s minds.  

The main contribution to the Indian Premier League is fans engagement. People are highly connected with the team’s lifestyle, new updates, their inside stories, and everyday routine as everything is being shared on social media handles.

Even before the start of IPL, all the social media accounts of different teams start engaging with the audience through creative content, trendy hashtags, slogans, team songs, etc to raise the bar high for the IPL. 

Every single team has its own social media pages with a great followers count. The highest count of 10.2 million followers on Instagram handles of Chennai Super Kings, with the second-highest 10 million Mumbai Indians. 

With the addition of two new teams Gujarat Titans & Lucknow Super Giants. People are more excited and thrilled to watch these two teams play. You won’t believe their social media handles have already reached 0.2 million and 0.5 million respectively.

By combining Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram the follower count of the popular IPL teams are Mumbai Indians with the highest at 25.5 millionChennai Super Kings at 24.6 million, and Kolkata Knight Riders with 22.4 million followers. Such a huge connection shows the enthusiasm & connectivity of the audience with the IPL franchises on social media platforms. 

Even in any business, engaging with your customer is important, because they are the ones who add value to your business and help you grow. Even on social media, engaging with the audience means building a stronger relationship with your brand, which in turn provides more upcoming opportunities, helps to build brand loyalty, and increases sales. So as every time audience interacts with your social media handles it depicts that they are interested in what you have to convey & deliver to them.  

These IPL teams do the exact thing by creating a buzz among the people so that they get more engaged with the teams. They use their social media handles so well to create excitement among people even before the start of the tournament. 

Here, Mumbai Indians have shared the dates of a series of matches which they are going to witness in IPL 2022, and on other hand, Chennai Super Kings with a high motivational post, depicting that, they are ready towards winning the fifth title for the team this year. 

These all posts create a buzz among the fans developing more enthusiasm for the upcoming matches.

With all the engaging posts on social media handles, the credits go to their content creation team, they share the content in a very creative and engaging way such as crazy memes, hashtags of their team, engaging videos of practice on the field, interaction with the team players, etc.

Here on Instagram, Mumbai Indians posted a welcoming post for all the other teams, while Royal Challengers Bangalore are appreciating their strongest player by naming him with the title “The Great Showman” and Kolkata Knight Riders with a meme they shared on their Instagram handle.

YEAH!! 💪💪
Quite funny right!! 😂😂

Even every team has its theme songs, Mumbai Indians with “Duniya Hila Denge Hum, Chennai Super kings with “Whistle Podu”, etc also with trending hashtags of the year 2022 #MIpaltan #Onefamily #DilKholKe #Yellowlove #whistlepodu #playbold #WeAreChallengers #Royalsfamily #HallaBol, #delhicapitals, # YehHaiNayiDili, etc.


Social media has also provided live entertainment to all the cricket lovers as they were not allowed in the stadiums during the covid-19 pandemic, social media has played a very huge role during that time, people were highly engaged and enjoyed the fullest.

Even to raise your business you need to plan and strategize before implementing, while using social media for marketing you never know what will work and what not. You might have seen around sometimes the content which we don’t find engaging or creative goes trending and one with proper structure doesn’t work that well. So you need to be quite ongoing with social media, go along with the upcoming news & incidents and be ready to make it work on the different platforms.

We as viewers lookout for more entertainment and creativity around us to find it engaging and fun-loving. IPL teams have understood and have grabbed up this opportunity and have come out the best on social media handles whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, with all their creative content, songs, reels, captions, hashtags, videos, etc.    

LinkedIn it is 💙
Fan’s Supporting as always!

Quite interesting right, these online platforms are on a boom, helping various businesses grow online, and have become a tool for marketing & advertising for their services.

“Social media is the FUTURE.”

And also do you know most of the engagement to any social media handles comes from its videos?

Videos are the best source to promote you products or services of your business. Videos allow you to be concise and help you capture the viewer’s interest in the first few seconds.

Social media success lies in the capacity to condense the information down into effortlessly digestible bits of the content that are long enough to preserve viewers’ attention but short enough to leave them wanting it more.

IPL teams with help of the reels, and videos, has gain more engagement on their social media handles with millions of views, comments, and likes. They share their interviews, and lifestyle, interact with the audience, use their team anthems, tells engaging stories, reveal dressing room diaries, and try to give a glimpse of the match as well as the lives of the players.              

So these all things have brought eagerness among the audience of wanting more through their social media handles. IPL teams are using the best of their ideas to promote them on social media; they have grabbed this chance and have been way more successful.

Social media has become a bridge to let businesses reach out to their targeted audience and help them create brand awareness among people. Social media marketing, if and when done right, can change the fate of your brand, therefore right marketing & content development skills will lead you reach heights.

CSK Fan’s Cheering Up!!💛💛
MI Fan’s Cheering Up!!💙💙

IPL content creators are doing it so well that even before the start of the tournament people go crazy as it creates a buzz among people which makes them more enthusiastic and excited for the upcoming matches.

Social media has become a bridge between the audience and the IPL through various fan’s engaging posts with becoming complementary to each other. 

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