Indian premier league is one of the most admired cricket leagues in India, as well as around the world. With no doubt that every team has built its own fans and followers all over the world. IPL is one of the biggest sporting events conducted each year with more thrill and excitement.

TATA IPL 2022 is here, with another enthusiastic and fun-filled event, it attracts more fans each n every year, with growing popularity on their social media platforms as well. 

This league has a total of ten teams, with the addition of two new teams :

1. Mumbai Indians

2. Chennai super kings

3. Royals Challengers Banglore

4. Kolkata knight riders

5. Punjab Kings

6. Sunriser Hyderabad

7. Rajasthan royals

8. Delhi Capitals

9. Lucknow Super Giants

10. Gujarat Titans 

To any event which occurs, it’s the fans and followers who make the event a great success, with the same scenario the main contribution to the Indian Premier League is fan engagement. They are the ones that make these teams build a large presence on any social media platforms, with their involvement, excitement, and support.

In this article let’s look at how these IPL teams are using their social media handles by implementing different strategies, and creativity in order to create awareness and gain more fan base.

1. Social Media of Mumbai Indians:

Five times title-winners of the Indian Premier League Mumbai Indians have huge fan engagement, with no doubt that it is among the most popular team in the cricket league. The team has a total of 30.5 million followers on its social media.

Facebook Fans of Mumbai Indians: 13 million followers

Instagram Fans of Mumbai Indians: 10 million followers

Twitter Fans of Mumbai Indians: 7.5  million followers 

Mumbai Indians are using their social media in the best creative way to engage with the audience.  They engage their fans with different reels, posters, memes, videos, etc, which creates curiosity among people of wanting more. 

The team has its own song, named ‘DUNIYA HILA DENGE HUM” and also creative hashtags, #miplatan, #duniyahiladengehum, #onefamily #dilkholke, #mumbaiindians. All these hashtags are used on every social platform.

On Instagram and Facebook, they share their day-to-day practice videos featuring every player practicing on the field, interacting with other teammates, and also some dressing room diaries as well.

They also use influencer marketing by connecting to some social media influencers(digital creators). These influencers are being seen on the team’s Instagram reels, using the most used hashtag on Instagram i.e. “Reel Kro Feel Kro”, #reelkrofeelkro, where they promote the team in form of memes and some creative content leading to an increase the customer base.  

They are also promoting themselves through other brands by having a paid partnership which, in turn, helps both the company as well as the team to increase brand awareness among people. 

Here you can see a quiz is being conducted through Instagram by asking a question, with an amazing prize as AUTOGRAPHED MI JERSEY, in order to win, the player (audience) has to sign for the company Marriot Bonvoy (paid partnership) and after that, the next step is to send the answers to the question via email to

All these are the strategies for how Mumbai Indians are promoting themselves and getting more followers every day and creating a great impact on the audience.

2. Social Media Of Chennai Super Kings:

Chennai super king is also one of the most followed teams on social media platforms. This team has some outstanding players with records of outstanding performance on the field. It has a total of 31.8 million followers on its social media handles altogether with

Facebook Fans of Chennai super kings: 13 million followers

Instagram Fans of Chennai super kings: 10.3 million followers

Twitter Fans of Chennai super kings: 8.5  million followers 

The name itself defines a team from south India, in most of their posts they have used the local language of the state i.e Tamil which creates a great impact on the audience. The team also has its own theme song “whistle podu” and hashtags such as #whistlepodu #thala #yellowlove.

Most of the content on teams’ social media handles is about teams’ appreciation posts, as to how well they do in the matches, and also given titles to the individual player based on their performance on the field via posts.

The team has also promoted the south Indian culture by wearing the dress code of south India, featuring Devon Conway’s pre-wedding celebration in the south Indian style, this delivers to people that the team is highly engaged and justifies the team’s name to be Chennai super kings, it also promotes that team is greatly enjoying the wedding in the following attire, this thing creates a great impression among the audience, and they highly get connected to the team on social media handles.

The teams also engage with some brands as a paid partnership promoting both the company as well as the team itself.

3. Social media of Kolkata Knight Riders:

Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders are also in contention when it comes to fan support. With the aid of Bollywood starlet Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta, the duo ranks third in terms of fan following. 

The team has a total of 24.2 million followers on social media including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Facebook Fans of Kolkata Knight riders: 16 million followers

Instagram Fans of  Kolkata knight riders: 3.3 million followers

Twitter Fans of  Kolkata knight riders: 4.9  million followers

Two times title winner Kolkata knight riders have also a great following on social media platforms with Shah rukh khan’s support for the team which has created a good impact on the audience. 

The teams also have their own hashtags, which are “#KKRHaiTaiyaar,#KnightInAction #KorboLorboJeetboRe. The teams also engage their social media handles through various posts, reels on trending songs, and videos. The team promotes itself through various trends followed on Instagram and also posts about the gym diaries, workout scenes, practice on the field, etc.

One interesting thing on their Instagram profile is that they have added the story highlights of each player, in which everything is posted related to the specific player of the team. The team also engages with other brands through a paid partnership featuring both the company and itself.

Here they have created a quiz in which a winner will be awarded Mini Bats Signed By KKR players. All these are strategies used by the team to bring out the engagement towards their social media platforms.

4. Social Media of Royal Challengers Bangalore:

The team has developed the most loyal fan base in the cricket league, in spite of the fact that the team has yet to win any title in the IPL. There is still a large fan following for the team, and die-hard fans are looking forward to seeing the trophy in the hands of their favorite players as soon as possible. The team has a total of 24.5 million followers on three social platforms consisting of

Facebook Fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore: 9.9 million followers

Instagram Fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore: 8.8 million followers

Twitter Fans of  Royal Challengers Bangalore: 5.8  million followers

Many RCB fans are unhappy with the news that Virat Kohli has left as captain and AB de Villiers retired from cricket. But the loyal fans still support the team on the field as well as online.

Like every team, RCB also has its own hashtags,#playbold #WeAreChallenegers #Mission2022. They also collaborate with other brands in order to promote themselves. They also feature some quizzes and prizes for the audience to keep them engaging.

Here they have collaborated with the brand “MUNCH” by providing some exciting games and prizes by using certain hashtags. In the second image, the team has collaborated with “@krreditbee” company which offers loans, team is promoting the brands which in turn helps both. 

Some of the posts are highly engaging, Here individual players are being specific titles based on their performance and personalities. Also, the posts are highly creative with eye-catching headlines & titles.

All these posts and videos are being posted on all three social platforms, i.e. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

5.  Social media of Rajasthan Royals:

In the very first season of the Indian Premier League, the Rajasthan Royals have been crowned champions. RR’s Twitter page and Instagram page have gained millions of followers in the past six months. According to their social media profile, their fan base appears to be strongest on Facebook with 4.8 million and a total of 9.4 million followers on all three platforms.

Facebook Fans of Rajasthan Royals: 4.8 million followers

Instagram Fans of Rajasthan Royals: 2.5 million followers

Twitter Fans of  Rajasthan Royals: 2.1  million followers

The team has engaged the audience in a very unique of creating wallpapers for the fans so they can use them, the wallpapers are being shared on story highlights from fans can get them. It is a very creative, exciting way to capture the audience’s attention.

The team also engages with, the on-field practice session, dressing room diaries, players interacting within themselves, and also individual players’ perspectives about the game being shared on social media through posts.

The team has its brand promotion partner Dettol India, promoting the brand by posting it on social media with catchy taglines, captions, and hashtags, (#showercooler) and using certain hashtags such as #hallabol #Royalsfamily. 

6. Social media of Punjab Kings:

 First, they started with Yuvi and Maxi and after that, they moved to KL Rahul and Chris Gayle. Throughout their team’s history, they have been looking for a player who is both marketable and talented. And don’t forget the beautiful Preity Zinta and her huge fan base.

The team has the most followers on its Facebook profile with a total of 14.2 million followers on social media.

 Facebook Fans of Punjab Kings: 8.7 million followers

Instagram Fans of Punjab Kings: 2.7 million followers

Twitter Fans of Punjab Kings: 2.8  million followers

The team has its own hashtags as #Kingspunjab #saddapunjab. The social media handles also consist of dressing room diaries posts, field practice, team players interacting, etc. 

The team also has Boat India and My fitness as a brand partners, promoting the products of the company on their social media in form of tweets and posts.

Connecting with a popular brand works in two ways, it itself promotes the brand by creating awareness and also your business among the people.

The promotion through famous personalities helps in creating an impression among people of buying that product or service the team is collaborating with, from customers’ point of view they think that the team they support uses this product as well so it must be worth buying. In this way, a brand partnership works helping both teams as well as the brand to grow in the market.

Here you can see the players are wearing Boat headphones, by promoting it on social media handles. Promotion is in two ways, both brand and teams.

The team also achieves engagement through various creative posts promoting individual personality on the platform, in form of memes, animated poster, reels, and videos, which has a great impact on the audience, we as people lookout for more creativity and engaging post. The youth on social media follows the meme trend, as they are very highly engaging, funny, and relatable posts.

7. Social Media of Delhi Capitals:

The Delhi Capitals, which used to be known as Delhi Daredevils, have not won a title yet. Basically, they have a total of 13.7 million followers on their social media.

Facebook Fans of Delhi Capitals: 8.1 million followers

Instagram Fans of Delhi Capitals: 3.3 million followers

Twitter Fans of Delhi Capitals: 2.3 million followers

Delhi capitals are doing a great job in terms of creativity on their social media platform, they are creating engaging posts by which they can grab the attention of the audience. On their Instagram profile, when a match is being conducted between two teams, they post through story highlights, and they give the visuals of the match summary through exciting themes based on day to day basis.

“Harry Potter Theme”

“Book My Show Theme”

In the given picture they have a “Harry Potter series” and the second one is the “Book My Show app” theme. They have done a fantastic job in terms of creativity. These themes are related to daily life and are enjoyable and exciting, and that’s what people look for.

The team also has its own hashtags which help them to stand out on social media, the team also promotes online quizzes and games for the audience to win exciting prizes, which in turn brings out a good engagement for their social media profile. Hashtags for the team are #YehNayiDilli and #DelhiCapitals. The team is also engaging the audience via conducted polls on Twitter as well. 

8. Social Media of Sunriser Hyderabad:

Regarding the team’s social media fan base it has a total of 12million followers, with 

Facebook Fans of Sunriser Hyderabad: 6.2 million followers

Instagram Fans of Sunriser Hyderabad: 2.8 million followers

Twitter Fans of Sunriser Hyderabad: 3 million followers

The team follows the sequence of posting in form of posts, videos, reels, stories, etc. The story highlights factor is quite interesting, through which they give a summary of the match by some creatively designed poster. 

The team engages with hashtags of their own on social media platforms such as #OrangeArmy #ReadyToRise.The team also posts by having quiz competitions on their social media handles.

These quizzes help to attract the audience towards us, and people participating in them depict how loyal and engaging they are with their team. 

A team is built with its fan support throughout and it’s the fans that give more power to players to play and offer exciting, thrilling matches on the ground. 

9. Social Media of Lucknow Super Giants:

The newest team to be part of IPL 2022, with the highest followers on its Facebook handle. The team has engaged quite quickly with the audience and has got the fast-growing followers within 3-4 months of entering into cricket league and social presence.

Facebook Fans of Lucknow Super Giants: 240 k followers

Instagram Fans of Lucknow Super Giants: 1 million followers

Twitter Fans of Lucknow Super Giants: 539k  followers

The team has started engaging the audience from scratch, whether it be an introduction to the logo of the team, new hashtags, etc. The team is doing quite well on their social media handles, by posting regularly about the players, a summary of matches, the team practicing on the field,etc.

Following are the hashtags #AbApniBaariHai #SuperGiants #bhaukaalmachadenge #lsg #LucknowSuperGiants. 

They are entertaining the audience by posting some mind games, on their profile like “Guess the Player in the picture”. The team is also giving away match tickets by creating and letting people join a WhatsApp group where they can have a chance to win free merch & match tickets.

The team also posts through videos, reels on trending songs, posts for the next match as to how excited the audience is, etc. With the growing popularity & fan engagement, the team will definitely lead to more no. followers very soon.

The best way to gain more engagement for the team is to focus on creating more creative content and marketing it in the right way.

10. Social Media of Gujarat Titans:

The newest team of IPL has entered into the 2022 Indian Premier League season with fast-growing followers on their social media within 3 -4 months of joining the online space. They have the highest number of followers on their Instagram handle with 1 million followers, followed by others.

Facebook Fans of Gujarat Titans: 346 k  followers

Instagram Fans of Gujarat Titans: 1 million followers

Twitter Fans of Gujarat Titans: 186 k followers

The increasing number of followers on social media depicts that they are highly progressing with good fan engagement posts. As said earlier it is the fans that make a team popular and grow online, without fans’ engagement & support a team may not have developed such a huge presence on social media.

The team also promotes itself by using hashtags such as #seasonfirst #aavade. Through story highlights, they are featuring wallpapers for their fans and also are engaging by conducting a quiz through Instagram posts in order to reach the audience. 



The team has newly entered IPL, but with the right marketing and content developing skills, they will reach more followers soon.

All teams are doing a fantastic job on scoring on social media. Social media has provided everyone a platform to advertise and market themselves. All the teams use their best ways to promote themselves in form of memes, creative videos, stories, posters, by having a paid partnership with other popular brands in promoting them, etc. 

People look out for creativity, and social media has provided a platform for every business, and brand to grab the opportunity and come out the best. 

Using the right marketing, content development skills and advertising will help every team reach more heights and create a very huge fan base on every social media platform than today.



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